& my secrets will be the death of me.


Note: The cure for asthma is not, “Just breathe!”, and the cure for cancer is not, “Stop growing those cells!” Similarly, the cure for depression is not, “Just be happier!”, and the cure for anxiety is not, “Stop worrying so much!” These are not phases of life for teenagers and the weak-minded - they are serious and chronic medical illnesses.


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Every female needs to read this every day. It’s true.


This makes me feel so much better about myself omg <3

I hate stuff like this, because it makes skinny girls feel like shit. Skinny shaming is a huge thing now, and it is not okay. Yeah, what this picture says is true, but it doesn’t make it any better. At least, it comes off as skinny shaming to me. What this said made me feel better about my stretch marks, but did not make me feel good about having a thigh gap at all. 

I can’t be arsed to care about what the internet says about my body because I love mine now and I think I am fabulous~~~ BUT WITH THAT BEING SAID, yeah I can see how other girls can find this to be “skinny shaming”. These “facts” are weirdly worded tbh.

Lets just all agree to love ourselves exactly how we are.

THIS is NOT thin shaming. Thin shaming is those stupid pictures comparing curvy women (who are NOT fat, by the way) to thin girls saying ‘when did this become sexier than this?’. Thin shaming is those posts saying ‘real men love curves only dogs like bones’. This post is aimed at girls who have a SICKNESS. Who WORSHIP anorexia because they want a fucking thigh gap. Girls who will literally fucking STARVE themselves and attempt to lose weight in extremely unhealthy ways, both physically and emotionally, to achieve some standard of beauty that they may NEVER achieve outside of weighing 75 pounds and being tube fed because they starved themselves to reach it.
If you feel that is thin shaming you need to really take a look at the bigger message. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be thin. There IS something wrong trying to force your body into an ideal that, frankly, it may NEVER meet, no matter how thin you are. Because of the way your body is built. Because of the way your bones are built. 
Go read some of the pro-ana bogs and see the posts of some of these girls who are, quite literally, dying for thigh gaps. Then come back and tell me the original post is ‘thin shaming’. 

i love u ^

“Caught My Boyfriend Of 2 Years Cheating, And This Is My Revenge”


You just don’t understand. Nobody understands. Do you not get that it’s fucking hard for me to trust you, do you not get that I can’t open up to you? Every person in my life has left me. Every. Single. Person. All I’m left with is myself. I can only trust myself. The only person there for me at the end of the day is myself. I’m fucking broken & I can’t be fixed.

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